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A10 Networks A10 System Administration Exam Dumps

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1. When vBlade A issues a “vcs vmaster-take-over 200” command, which statement is true?

2. Select two aXAPI implementation use cases. (Choose two.)

3. Which statement correctly describes the result of the following commands?

ACOS(config)#logging host


ACOS#active-partition p1

Currently active partition: p1

ACOS[p1](config)#logging host

ACOS[p1](config)#logging host partition shared

4. ACOS can log the following accounting records for administrative sessions:

5. Given the following configuration, which statement describes Alice’s partition access rights?

6. Which statement describes the following configuration?

ACOS(config)# smtp

ACOS(config)# logging email emergency

ACOS(config)# logging email-address [email protected]

7. Describe VRRP-A (high availability) and aVCS interoperability.

8. What information is typically submitted with every aXAPI call after the initial login is complete?

9. Device 1 is the vMaster in a virtual chassis. Select the command set that adds an IP address to VE interface 200 on device 3?



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