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1. Which part of a Financial Instituion usually makes the recommendation to close any business or accounts as the full responsibility of the client usually falls on them?

2. In Transaction Monitoring what are some reasons below that shows that over time the number of True Alerts will improve for a Transaction Monitoring system? (SELECT 2)

3. Johnny has brokered a deal to sell 100 missiles for $2 each. They will be shipped from Australia to Panama next week.

What is this an example of?

4. In the traditional process of generating an alert for transaction monitoring. the process usually foes 1. Data is monitored 2.___________________ 3, Compared against threshold, 4. Alert generated if conditions are met.

5. Does the analyst need to document every stage of the Alert Investigation?

6. For an institution in this space Controls such as Transaction Monitoring are put in place in order to manage __________ Risk?

7. What is the big difference what transaction monitoring does and what name screening does?

8. Transaction Monitoring Controls are designed to? (SELECT 3)

9. A Transaction Monitoring report is usually referred as an __________

10. Some Financial Service products have inherently higher risk, Which below is one of those?



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