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ASDEV01 Blue Prism Associate Developer Exam Preparation Guide

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1. Which of the following statements best describes a Blue Prism Global Data Item?

2. A Blue Prism Decision stage needs to test the value of a Data Item named 'Loop Counted.

How is the loop Counter" Data Item referenced in the Decision stage?

3. Examine the following recover flow taken from a Blue Prism Process:

The 'Exception Detail' data item has no initial value and has a data type of text

The Calculation stage "Save Exception Detail' will output the current exception detail to the 'Exception Detail' data item

What expression would you use in the 'Save Exception Detail' stage to achieve this?

4. Which area of Blue Prism is used to set up and edit Credential information?

5. Process rules or logic are evaluated in Blue Prism using which type of stage?

6. What is a Blue Prism Collection?

7. Which of the following are examples of a Business Exception? (Select ail items which apply)

8. A Blue Prism Process reads data about a customer from an online form which includes their date of birth A Process must determine if the customer is under the age of 18 before processing the customer request.

What type of Blue Prism stage would you use to test the customers age?

9. When a Work Queue item is currently being processed by a Digital Worker what happens to the queue item?

10. The password field in the Centrix Data Solutions business application can be spied successfully, however when using the Highlight feature in Application Modeller the following behaviour is encountered

Which of the following Attributes would you use to help obtain a unique element match?



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