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BCS Practitioner Certificate MBPv6 Free Dumps

The BCS Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes MBPv6 exam is a crucial step towards advancing your career in business analysis. With the help of Certspots MBPv6 free dumps, you can prepare for the exam in a comprehensive and effective manner. These MBPv6 dumps provide thorough coverage of all topics, ensuring that you have a solid understanding of the material before you take the test. By using Certspots MBPv6 free dumps, you can feel confident in your test-taking abilities and increase your chances of passing the exam with flying colors.

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1. A new project has been commissioned within an organisation's finance department. The assigned business analyst has decided to produce a functional view model to help him understand the department's work-Modeling the functional view of the finance department is advantageous, as it does which of the following?

2. The owner of a shop is taking a telephone order from a customer for a new vacuum cleaner. He needs to take and confirm customer details in this ordering process. As part of this, he enters the customer details onto a system.

What does the entry of the customer’s name, address andcontact numberrepresent?

3. What is NOT clear from the following fragment of a business process model?

4. A company has the following issue to consider:

a) The way staff interact with customers

b) The image it wishes to portray

c) The price of competing products.

d) The margin that it aims to make.

Which of these SHOULD be reflected in its value proposition?

5. This is a three-task extract from a model of a ‘Fulfil Order’ process:

The steps in the Assemble Order’ task are listed below, in the wrong order:

a) Get correct quality of item(S)

b) Select suitable packing materials

c) For each item on pick list

d) Take items to packing table

e) Go to bin location

f) Print picklist

What is the CORRECT order of steps in the Assemble order’ task’?

6. 1.Below is a business process model for a goods ordering process:

What error has been made in this diagram?

7. A trainee business analyst wishes to clarify what is meant by a task level description within

the business process hierarchy.

Which of thefollowing is a task level description?

8. The following is an activity diagram of a trail company’s rules determining ticket type.

Two elements of the business rule shown are:

All travel before 10am is at Full Fare and only Standard Ticket are issued.

Off Peak tickets are issued for travel after 10am.

What is another element of this rule?

9. When ordering goods from an online shop, a customer is given a choice of delivery methods. If the customer lives within certain qualifying locations, they can select same day delivery for an extra cost.

Request of location the customer can choose to have their order delivered to their home for a change of £2 select a weekend delivery to their home for £6, or choose to have their order delivered to a local store to collect, which is free.

Purchase of large products are dealt with by a separate delivery service, so customer are contacted once their order has been placed to arrange special delivery.

What are the input for the task select delivery type?

10. A record company is implementing a new system to replace an existing legacy system. The project has challenging as the new system must be implemented before support for the existing system is withdrawn. The business users have been involved throughout the project and their confidence in the new system is high.

Which implementation approach is the LEAST appropriate in this situation?



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