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Free CrowdStrike CCFH-202 Exam Questions With Guaranteed Success

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1. With Custom Alerts you are able to configure email alerts using predefined templates so you're notified about specific activity in your environment.

Which of the following outlines the steps required to properly create a custom alert rule?

2. The Process Timeline Events Details table will populate the Parent Process ID and the Parent File columns when the cloudable Event data contains which event field?

3. What Investigate tool would you use to allow an analyst to view all events for a specific host?

4. Which document provides information on best practices for writing Splunk-based hunting queries, predefined queries which may be customized to hunt for suspicious network connections, and predefined queries which may be customized to hunt for suspicious processes?

5. You want to produce a list of all event occurrences along with selected fields such as the full path, time, username etc.

Which command would be the appropriate choice?

6. What topics are presented in the Hunting and Investigation Guide?

7. Which structured analytic technique contrasts different hypotheses to determine which is the best leading (prioritized) hypothesis?

8. What information is shown in Host Search?

9. In the Powershell Hunt report, what does the filtering condition of commandLine! ="*badstring* " do?

10. When exporting the results of the following event search, what data is saved in the exported file (assuming Verbose Mode)? event_simpleName=*Written | stats count by ComputerName



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