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GIAC Cloud Forensics Responder (GCFR) Exam Dumps

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1. What logical AWS structure type is used to chain together accounts in a trust relationship which allows for single sign-on and cross-account management?

2. What 1$ a drawback of analyzing a snapshot outside of AWS?

3. In Azure, which of the following describes a "Contributor"?

4. A cloud administrator needs to determine which user account allowed SSH Inbound from the internet on an Azure Network security group.

Which type of log does the administrator need to examine?

5. Which AW5 1AM policy element indicates the API that is in scope?

6. A company is creating an incident response team that will be part of their existing GCP Organization.

Where in the organizational structure should their services be placed?

7. A threat actor conducts brute force attacks against SSH services to gain Initial access.

This attack technique falls under which category of the Google Workspace MITRE ATT&CK matrix?

8. What can be determine about the AVVS Access Key below?


9. What unique identifier is used by AWS to identify a specific account and allow integration with external organizations?

10. Which is the effective access when aws user is assigned to an S3 bucket?



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