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IIA-CIA-Part1 Questions (Dumps) [2023] – IIA-CIA-Part1 Exam Questions

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1. An Internal auditor accepted a role as an engagement supervisor on a highly specialized and technical engagement for which she did not have the expertise.

Which of the following fundamental principles of The IIA's Code of Ethics did she violate?

2. The internal audit activity was denied access to expenditure and budget reports because they were considered to be confidential.

This situation would result in which of the following limitations of the internal audit activity?

3. A chief audit executive (CAE) is concerned that the internal audit activity is not receiving adequate training and continuing education.

Which of the following approaches should the CAE take?

4. Which of the following Code of Ethics principles specifically requires internal auditors to disclose all material facts known to them that, if not disclosed, may distort the reporting of activities under review?

5. Which of the following would best describe a control implemented to detect cash register disbursement fraud in a large retail store?

6. The internal auditor of a small manufacturer noted that the accounting department has insufficient staff to achieve proper segregation of duties.

What type of controls would the auditor likely recommend to management to specifically address this problem?

7. Which of the following is an appropriate roe fa the internal audit activity?

8. Which of the following is a control that is used mainly to check the integrity of data entered into a business application, whether the data is entered directly by staff, remotely by a business partner, or through a web-enabled application?

9. According to IIA guidance, which of the following most appropriately justifies the CEO’s decision that the internal audit activity shall be responsible for risk management and investigation at a multinational organization?

10. With regard to the internal audit activity's quality assurance and improvement program, which of the following must be reported to the board?



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