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Infor Certified OS Associate IOS-252 Dumps Questions

The Infor Certified OS Associate IOS-252 exam is designed to test your knowledge of Infor Operating System (OS) and its components. If you are preparing for the Infor Certified OS Associate IOS-252 exam, Certspots is a great resource for you. Certspots offers free Infor Certified OS Associate IOS-252 Dumps Questions that you can use to test your knowledge and familiarize yourself with the exam format. These IOS-252 Dumps Questions are designed to simulate the actual exam and cover all the topics that are tested in the IOS-252 exam. With Certspots, you can take the free IOS-252 dumps online and get instant feedback on your performance. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus your preparation on areas that need improvement.

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1. When a Process.Workflow business object document (BOD) is sent from an application directly to the ION Workflow Management engine, which one of the following is returned to inform the application that the initiation of the workflow was successful?

2. A manager receives an alert informing them that the quantity of an item shipped to a customer is less than the quantity the customer ordered.

What happens when the manager clicks the “Resolved” button on the alert?

3. You are creating a document flow and the data from a sending connection point does not match the expectations of the receiving connection points.

Which one of the following do you use to transform the message contents?


Select from the drop-down lists on the right, the Data Lake service that corresponds with each description on the left. Use an option only once, however, not all options will be used.

5. You are using Infor Document Management (IDM) as a central document repository for storing business documents. When you add documents, which one of the following does the system create to associate the documents with related objects and applications?

6. Which one of the following is the main component used in ION application programming interface (API) orchestration?

7. In Infor Document Management (IDM), which one of the following stores metadata and properties of a document?

8. A customer needs a mobile portal to access all Infor applications.

Which one of the following can they use?

9. When using scripts, they must not exceed which of the following file sizes?

10. A company has multiple departments in different countries. They would like to build a single page to support all employees, but would like the page format and content to display differently depending on the country an employee resides in.

Which one of the following allows for this?



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