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iSQI CPSA-FL Study & Practice Exam Dumps 2023

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1. In a customer project the architecture shall be based on components. The requirements have not been fully determined yet.

Taking this constraint into account, which three properties of the components developed by you will you pay particular attention to? (Choose three.)

2. What are known patterns for the adaptation of interfaces? (Choose two.)

3. Choose the most desirable characteristics of interfaces. (Choose three.)


You are responsible for the documentation of the software architecture of a large development project. The project consists of three teams, each with its own architect, but with you as the person having overall responsibility of the entire project's software architecture.

Which of the following measures are beneficial? (Assign all answers.)


How are written documentation and verbal communication of software architectures related? Please mark the following statements as true or false. (Assign all answers.)

6. Name the three most important fields of template-based architecture documentation. (Choose three.)

7. For which quality characteristics is the software architect responsible? Please name the two characteristics that best match the role of the software architect. (Choose two.)

8. Which of the following principles apply to testing? (Choose two.)

9. Which three artifacts does the assessment team create when conducting an ATAM evaluation? (Choose three.)


Concerning external interfaces, Postel's law suggests: "Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others." Assume that Postel's law has been consistently applied in your system. (Assign all answers.)



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