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Latest Palo Alto Networks PCSAE Practice Exam Questions

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1. In which two scenarios would it be appropriate to implement a loop for a sub-playbook? (Choose two.)

2. An engineer wants to customize the regex for the default IP indicator type.

How can this change be implemented?

3. You can customize most aspects of the incident layout, including which three of the following? (Choose three.)

4. When uploading content, which two options could the upload include? (Choose two.)

5. On the System Diagnostics page, what is the default minimum size for a Work Plan to be considered big?

6. Which of the following does a XSOAR Admin need to create an integration with a third party cloud application?

7. A Cortex XSOAR Administrator is tasked with building a button for an analyst in order for the analyst to be assigned to the incident as an owner.

What is the process?

8. When browsing the Marketplace for new content packs, which details about each pack are you able to view?

9. What is the most effective way to correlate multiple raw events coming from a SIEM and link them together?

10. An XSOAR engineer has been tasked with exporting all indicators from the production environment in the last 90 days. The final report needs to be in CSV format containing all indicator fields.

How can this task be achieved?



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