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Model Builder – Advanced OMG-OCSMP-MBA400 Exam Dumps

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1. Choose the correct answer

What information is required to define a viewpoint in SysML in addition to stakeholders?

2. Choose the correct answer

A company is executing a large distributed engineering project. More than a dozen engineers are contributing to the system model, working from different locations spread across three time zones The lead engineer has decided that it is essential to maintain a single model. The department director has expressed concern that the project may have trouble employing its engineers productively while still maintaining configuration control of this common model.

Which configuration management strategy is likely to be most successful*?

3. Choose the correct answer

Which aspect of a MBSE-based engineering project falls outside of the scope of AP233?

4. Choose the correct answer.

A modeling team supervisor has defined a stereotype of block named *projectBlock» and wants to prevent any use of an unstereotyped block

What must the supervisor do?

5. Choose the correct answer

The director of field support for a company just found out that one of the company's systems engineers is a Model Based Systems Engineering expert, and wants to discuss how MBSE might impact how the company's products are supported In the field

What is the most important aspect of system development methodologies the engineer Is likely to discuss?

6. Choose the coned answer

What is one of the best reasons for a modeling Systems Engineer to use OCL?

7. Choose the correct answer

The concerns of a group of stakeholders involved m a systems development project have been identified.

What is the next project task to be earned out?

8. Choose the correct answer

The main diagram type in Modelica corresponds most closely to which SysML diagram type?

9. Choose the correct answer

Which kinds of model elements ate used to populate the typical stakeholder views of a design?

10. Choose the correct answer

A stereotype is defined in a profile This stereotype has two properties whose types were already defined in the model

What must be done to reuse their type definitions?



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