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Pass the Trend Deep Security Professional Exam 2023 – Best Deep Security Professional Preparation Material

The Trend Deep Security Professional exam is a challenging test that requires a solid understanding of the subject matter. But with the right preparation materials, you can increase your chances of passing the exam on the first try. That’s where Certspot comes in with their latest Deep Security Professional preparation material. Their Deep Security Professional practice exam questions are carefully crafted to cover all the topics and concepts that you’ll need to know to pass the Trend Micro Certified Professional for Deep Security Exam exam. The material is updated regularly to ensure that it reflects any changes or updates to the exam. By studying Certspot Deep Security Professional preparation material, you’ll be able to identify any knowledge gaps and focus your studying efforts on those areas. This will help you to study more effectively, ultimately leading to a better chance of passing the exam.

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1. The Intrusion Prevention Protection Module is enabled, its Behavior is set to Prevent and rules are assigned. When viewing the events, you notice that one of Intrusion Prevention rules is being triggered and an event is being logged but the traffic is not being blocked.

What is a possible reason for this?

2. The Intrusion Prevention Protection Module is enabled and a Recommendation Scan is run to identify vulnerabilities on a Windows Server 2016 computer.

How can you insure that the list of recommendations is always kept up to date?

3. What is the default priority assigned to Firewall rules using the Allow action?

4. Which of the following operations makes use of the Intrusion Prevention Protection Module?

5. Your VMware environment is configured without using NSX.

How can Deep Security provide protection to the virtual images hosted on your ESXi servers?

6. Which of the following is not an operation that is performed when network traffic is intercepted by the network driver on the Deep Security Agent?

7. The Firewall Protection Module is enabled on a server through the computer details.

What is default behavior of the Firewall if no rules are yet applied?

8. Which of following statements best describes Machine Learning in Deep Security?

9. Based on the script displayed in the exhibit, which of the following statements are correct? Select all that apply.

10. New servers are added to the Computers list in Deep Security Manager Web config by running a Discover operation.

What behavior can you expect for newly discovered computers?



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