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1. After a security breach, a security consultant is hired to perform a vulnerability assessment for a company’s web application.

Which of the following tools would the consultant use?

2. Recently, a cybersecurity research lab discovered that there is a hacking group focused on hacking into the computers of financial executives in Company A to sell the exfiltrated information to Company B.

Which of the following threat motives does this MOST likely represent?

3. Which of the following, when exposed together, constitutes PII? (Choose two.)

4. Which of the following are legally compliant forensics applications that will detect an alternative data stream (ADS) or a file with an incorrect file extension? (Choose two.)

5. The Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK) vulnerability is specific to which types of devices? (Choose two.)

6. When tracing an attack to the point of origin, which of the following items is critical data to map layer 2 switching?

7. A company has noticed a trend of attackers gaining access to corporate mailboxes.

Which of the following would be the BEST action to take to plan for this kind of attack in the future?

8. It was recently discovered that many of an organization’s servers were running unauthorized cryptocurrency mining software.

Which of the following assets were being targeted in this attack? (Choose two.)

9. An incident at a government agency has occurred and the following actions were taken:

- Users have regained access to email accounts

- Temporary VPN services have been removed

- Host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) and antivirus (AV) signatures have been updated

- Temporary email servers have been decommissioned

Which of the following phases of the incident response process match the actions taken?

10. A security administrator is investigating a compromised host.

Which of the following commands could the investigator use to display executing processes in real time?



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