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Try Free SAP C_CPE_14 Exam Dumps Questions [2023]

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1. Which of the following identifiers of the communication scenario is used for accessing the Business Partner API in an SAP S/4HANA Cloud system? Choose the correct answer.

2. You want to register custom event handlers using instances of CAP Node.js SDK classes.

Which one do you use?

3. How many administrators can be assigned to a global account?

4. What information does the SAP Destination service provide to your applications to connect to a remote service or system?

5. What is a reason to add UI annotations to your project? Choose the correct answer.

6. Which of the following are benefits of SAP Business Application Studio? Note: There are 3 to choose.

7. In SAP Business Application Studio, what is a dev space?

8. Which of the following statements applies to Continuous Deployment? Choose the correct answer.

9. Which user types will work on and with SAP BTP? Choose the correct answers.

10. What are some characteristics of CAP event handling? Note: There are 2 to choose.



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