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VEEAM VMCE2021 Exam Questions – Best Way Towards Success

Practicing with VEEAM VMCE2021 exam questions is an essential part of preparing for the Veeam Certified Engineer 2021 exam, and can greatly increase the chances of success. To maximize your chances of success on the VMCE2021 exam, it’s essential to focus on your weak areas and practice extensively. By practicing with VEEAM VMCE2021 exam questions, candidates can also identify areas where they need to improve their knowledge, and focus their studying efforts accordingly. Additionally, by answering these questions under timed conditions, candidates can simulate the exam environment and become more comfortable with the format and pacing of the actual exam.

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1. Which of the following statements is true regarding the Veeam Backup & Replication integration with supported Storage Systems for VMware vSphere are true? (Choose three).

2. Which of the following is a backup mode that can be configured within a Veeam Agent for Windows backup job?

3. Veeam Backup & Replication supports which of the following NetApp Data ONTAP modes?

4. You use datastores as the source for your backup jobs. Some VM backups are consuming too much repository disk space. They have backup files created by multiple backup jobs .

What could be the reason? (Choose two.)

5. Which of the following statements are true when comparing a synthetic full backup to an active full backup on an NTFS-based backup repository? Choose two options.

6. Which of the following best describes the Snapshot Hunter feature?

7. What is the main advantage of using the Backup from Storage Snapshots feature?

8. It the Backup Administrator has to perform a backup over a high-latency, low bandwidth network link, how can the disruptions to the backup process be avoided?

9. Sometimes snapshots are "lost" by vCenter .

What tool finds and removes those lost snapshots?

10. In the event a VMware VM configuration file (VMX) is missing and a restore is needed, what Veeam restore process is the best choice for this situation?



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