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Veritas VCS-285 Real Exam Questions and Answers FREE

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1. An administrator has a scheduled policy that backs up 20 clients, each with multiple mount points and multiple streams enabled. One of the jobs has failed and is in an Incomplete state.

How should the administrator verify the incomplete job runs prior to the next scheduled backup?

2. Which two restore types must be initiated from a client system rather than the Net Backup Administration Console on the master server? (Select two.)

3. Which NetBackup 8.0command is used to report the potential free space of AdvancedDisk storage units?

4. A UNIX client has the mount points listed below:





A backup policy for this client has "Allow multiple data streams" enabled and contains a backup selections list with the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive. It also contains an exclude list that excludes /home.

What happens when this backup policy runs?

5. An administrator is configuring a new device and receives the following error message:

Unable to determine robot type

What are two possible solutions? (Choose two.)

6. Which two conditions must be met to change the volume group of a tape? (Select two.)

7. Which statement best describes the nbcplogs utility?

8. An administrator wants clients in a remote office to perform client-side deduplication instead of Media Server deduplication.

Where should the administrator set the parameter in the Host Properties to ensure client-side deduplication is performed?

9. Which supported step should an administrator perform to ensure all operating system logs are sent from an appliance to a central logging server running Linux?

10. Which two Net Backup features are available to protect the Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP) catalog? (Select two.)



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