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Versa Networks VNX100 Exam Dumps Options To Pass the Exam 2023

Versa Networks VNX100 exam dumps are an excellent tool for anyone preparing for the Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate exam. It covers all the topics and concepts that you need to know to pass the exam. They are designed by industry experts who have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and can provide you with the most relevant and accurate information. Using Versa Networks VNX100 exam dumps will give you a realistic exam experience, as the questions are similar in format and difficulty to the actual exam questions. This will help you prepare better for the exam and reduce exam anxiety. It will also helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus your study efforts accordingly.

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1. Review the exhibit.

Which set of conditions match the policy shown in the exhibit?

2. Which two statements about the Versa Secure SD-WAN head-end deployment are true? (Choose two.)

3. A device is being onboarded with two Internet interfaces. Direct Internet Access (DIA) needs to be configured.

In this scenario, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

4. Which two statements about Versa Analytics are true? (Choose two.)

5. Which statement about URL-based ZTP is true?

6. Which two Versa solution components support REST APIs? (Choose two.)

7. Which two statements about the Versa SD-WAN control plane are true? (Choose two.)

8. Which two statements about Versa SD-WAN live monitoring of Versa CPEs are true? (Choose two.)

9. Review the exhibit.

Your manager asks you to review the SLA profile shown in the exhibit.

Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?

10. 1.The Versa Stateful Firewall feature offers which two security capabilities? (Choose two.)



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