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1. Refer to the table.

Published Type Reach Engagement Promote

02-24-2020 Link 1,400

90 post clicks

24 reactions, comments and shares


02-21-2020 Video 2,300

333 post clicks

112 reactions, comments and shares


02-20-2020 Picture 4,500

172 post clicks

243 reactions, comments and shares


A local activist runs a test with different mediums on a Facebook Page. The activist wants to improve organic results and create more awareness of human rights violations.

What information should a community manager provide to the activist?

2. The chancellor of a college wants to start a new alumni-matched funding campaign to raise money for a social sciences building.

However, most alumni lose touch a few years after graduation and don't engage with the alumni community. Before launching a fundraising campaign, the community manager needs to determine exactly when and why alumni engagement drops.

Which two tactics could the community manager take to learn this information? (Choose 2)

3. A community for social media experts wants to encourage engagement and growth. To do this, they want to offer more unique opportunities to meet and connect online.

They would like to produce regular sessions where influencers share their expertise.

What can the community manager do to meet this goal?

4. A small, local online community of 5,000 members is launching a major outreach project to double membership by the end of the year. The community is focused on physical activity and doesn't show preference for any age group or gender.

The community is based on Facebook and uses a group as the primary hub where people can connect.

What's the most efficient way for the community manager to expand local reach?

5. A hiking community plans to bringing together a large number of members to complete a mountain climbing challenge for charity.

This is the largest fundraiser the community will host, and this year is the third year they plan to run it.

Which two things can the community manager do to ensure they succeed in getting the most members to join the challenge? (Choose 2)

6. A community manager works on a Facebook group that handles sensitive subject matter. The personal identities of the group's admin team must be kept confidential. The community manager wants to enable the admins to moderate discussions while fully protecting their personal profiles from harassment.

What should the community manager do?

7. A local art museum decides to launch an invite-only community for people who purchased a museum membership. The community manager needs to create a report about the group's first month and wants to focus specifically on engagement.

Which two KPIs should the community manager include in the first report about the group? (Choose 2)

8. A personal trainer wants to grow their online presence. To generate more leads, they create a Facebook Page, a Facebook group and an Instagram profile.

However, the trainer struggles to manage this social media marketing, because of the time required to create content and promote each platform. The results are simply not worth the investment of time. The Instagram profile generates the most reach, while the Facebook group gets the most engagement. The trainer contacts a community manager for help to determine which of the platforms to focus on.

Which critical piece of information does the community manager need to make this decision?

9. A community manager of a large community for professionals is developing a content calendar to offer themed content to help members who are in the early stages of their careers. The group has had low engagement for the past year.

Which strategy should the community manager use to plan the most relevant content?

10. An established mid-range coffee brand is launching a new line of high-end espresso products. It needs to promote its products through new social channels to reach premium consumers. The community manager must create a launch strategy to present to internal stakeholders to support this new product range.

Which two factors must the community manager address in this presentation? (Choose 2)



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