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Facebook 100-101 Study & Practice Exam Dumps 2023

Are you preparing for the Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate 100-101 exam? Look no further than Certspots for free Facebook 100-101 Study & Practice Exam Dumps 2023 to help you practice and prepare for the exam. Certspots offers a comprehensive set of 100-101 practice exam questions and answers to help you master the material and feel confident on exam day. Their study materials are designed to mimic the actual exam format and provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to pass. With Certspots, you can access the Facebook 100-101 Study & Practice Exam Dumps for free, allowing you to practice and prepare at your own pace. Don’t leave your exam performance to chance – use Certspots to help you succeed!

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1. What are two unique features of a Facebook business Page? (Choose 2)

2. A retailer has new campaign assets for an upcoming spring collection. They want to offer an immersive post click experience that allows viewers to swipe through and took at video, photo and text formats in one ad.

Which creative format should the retailer use?

3. After setting up an ads account in Ads Manager, what must an advertiser have before implementing a Meta pixel?

4. A sporting goods brand needs to create a Custom Audience based on website visitors to retarget in a future campaign. The brand needs a large enough target audience to retarget effectively.

Which objective should the brand use for their current campaign?

5. What is the first step required to establish a business presence on Facebook?

6. A business wants to generate valuableactions on its website

Which campaign objective should the business select?

7. Refer to the exhibit.

An advertiser needs to sell as many products as possible

Which campaign should the advertiser use''

8. How does the ad auction determine which ad to show to the intended audience?

9. How will an ad be labeled in Feed?

10. A business recently delivered an ad campaign with the Brand Awareness objective on the Facebook App

Which metric within Ads Manager will help the business determine the success of the campaign?



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