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1. A data architect needs to load Table_A from an Excel file and sort the data by Field_2.

Which script should the data architect use?





2. A data architect is using an Include statement to load the collection of variables from a TextFiles folder connection into an app. The data architect needs to load the data and generate an error if it fails.

Which statement should the data architect use?

3. Refer to the exhibit

A data architect develops an app for Coffee4all, a coffee company with stores located throughout Europe

The script runs successfully, but the Stores table does not have any values.

What should the data architect do?

4. A data architect executes the following script.

Which values does the OrderDate field contain after executing the script?

5. A data architect needs to create an app to analyze 30-day re-admissions at a hospital.

• The medical record system does NOT calculate re-admission data

• The business rule to follow: if a patient is admitted to a hospital within 30 days after being discharged from a previous hospital stay, that event should be captured in the app with a flag called "30-day Re-admission"

• Data being used from the patient record includes hospital account ID, patient ID, admission dater and discharge date

Which action should the data architect perform first to meet these requirements?

6. Refer to the exhibits.

A business analyst needs to see the currency conversion provided by a third party process, and only contains a record when the rate changes in a chart. The currency conversion rate data is An existing master calendar exists in the data model that contains a full set of dates.

Which technique should the data architect use to meet this requirement?

7. Refer to the exhibit.

A data architect is loading the tables and a synth key is generated.

How should the data architect resolve the synthetic key?

8. A data architect needs to upload different data sources. To properly handle null values, the data architect decides to set all of these values to "Missing Value".

Which syntax should the data architect use?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

What are the values of the variables vLoadStart and vLoadComplete after the script executes?

10. A data architect needs to create an app that combines employee data from the Sales system and the Human Resources (HR) system.

These systems identify employees differently Employees in the HR system are identified with an alpha-numeric key Employees in the Sales system are identified using an integer key.

The Human Resources manager creates a table that maps these keys to another, called Associations.

The resultant data model must meet the following requirements:

• Associations must be valid

• The model must be optimized for performance

• The option must support multiple tables added

Which solution should the data architect use to meet these requirements?



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