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Qlik Sense Business Analyst (QSBA2022) Certification Dumps

The Qlik Sense Business Analyst QSBA2022 Certification exam is designed to measure an individual’s ability to use Qlik Sense to gather, analyze, and visualize data. If you are preparing for the QSBA2022 exam, practice tests are an essential part of your preparation. Certspots offers a range of free Qlik Sense Business Analyst (QSBA2022) Certification Dumps to help you prepare for the exam. By practicing with Certspots’ QSBA2022 dumps, you can identify areas where you may need to improve your skills and knowledge. Additionally, practicing with these QSBA2022 dumps can help you become familiar with the format and structure of the actual exam.

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1. Refer to the exhibit.





A business analyst needs to load several data files and notices that some of the values for the United States of America are formatted inconsistently.

What should the business analyst do?

2. A business analyst wants to create a dashboard for the Finance team to use. The app must include four sheets one looking at the full dataset and three others focused on the regions APAC EMEA and AMERICAS each.

The team needs visualizations for

• Sales by Product in the past 6" months

• Cost of Sales on a map by Country

• Sales Cost and Margin by Month

Additionally the learn wants to dear fillers while navigating between sheets and enable chat in the hub.

What features should be used?

3. A business analyst needs to create a master item from an object m an app After right-clicking the object the analyst notices the Add to master Items option is NOT available.

What should the business analyst do to fixthis issue?

4. Refer to the exhibit.

A CEO wants to use a similar visualization on the company's dashboards

The visualization must meet several requirements

• Show three years of sales data

• Display sales trends by month

• Allow comparison of years using an area style display

Which set of actions should a business analyst take to meet these requirements?

5. A company CEO requests an app that contains global sales information. The CEO needs to present this information to an audience of international investors during an upcoming meeting

The presentation must meet several requirements

• Contain visualizations that present dearly to a large audience

• Answer audience questions dynamically

• Be made available as shared content

• Emphasize important sales revenue

Which Qlik Sense features must the business analyst prepare?

6. Select the associated field

7. A business analyst inherits an app full of sheets. The business analyst needs to redesign the app using the DAR principle How should the business analyst orderthe visualizations?

8. Several departments use an app. The business analyst needs to modify access to the sheets so that each department can access their sheets only.

What should me business analyst do?

9. An organization recently acquired a competitor A business analyst needs to merge me custom databases with 20 years of customer and order transactions. The data must be integrated into the existing app to show the past two years of data Performance degradation must be minimized

What should the business analyst do to meet this requirement?

10. A business analyst needs to uniquely identify tour sheets in the app overview Custom images have been created for each sheet.

What should the business analyst do next?



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