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Advice & Tips for Passing Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 Exam

To begin your career as a certified Azure administrator, you have to take the AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification exam. The exam assesses your capabilities in managing, implementing, and monitoring workloads in Azure environments. To pass the exam, you must first understand what skills it evaluates, the prerequisites you should have beforehand, and the best ways to prepare.

What is the AZ-104 Exam?
Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification AZ-104 exam measures the ability of those who are responsible for the role of Azure Administrator. This exam validates your knowledge of managing cloud services that span compute, storage, networking, security, and other cloud capabilities of Microsoft Azure. The AZ-104 exam is the first step in the Microsoft Solutions certification path. Passing the AZ-104 exam will earn you the Microsoft Administrator Associate certification and open the door to take the AZ-305 test.

In the next section, you will get to know more about this exam so it will be helpful for you to start the preparation for the AZ-104 exam. Candidates have a thorough understanding of each service throughout the entire IT lifecycle and accept requests for infrastructure, application, and environmental services. They provide recommendations on the services that will be used to achieve optimal performance and size, as well as the provision, size, monitoring, and adjustment of resources, if necessary.

Overview of Microsoft AZ-104 Azure AdministratorAssociate Exam
Examine the Microsoft AZ-104 page on the Microsoft website first. There, you’ll get all the necessary information as well as preparatory choices from Microsoft. However, the basic details include:

Name: AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification
Duration: 150 Minutes
Type: Multiple Choice Examination
Number of Questions: 40–60
Exam Fee: $165
Exam validity: 2 years
Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Exam Objectives
After covering the exam basics, you must start your preparation by using the AZ-104 study guide if you want to be thoroughly familiar with the exam’s subject. With the help of this guide, you can more clearly understand the main ideas and objectives of the test.

Here are the exam topics covered in the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 certification exam.

  1. Managing Azure identities and data governance. Controlling data in the cloud is much more critical than managing it through on-premises solutions. It’s easy to misconfigure something like blob storage and make your information publicly available. Managing Azure IDs and data governance gives you the tools to ensure only specific people can access specific data.
  2. Implementing and managing storage. There are several ways to store data in Azure. For example, blob storage is a great way to store videos, music files and applications, but Microsoft also has other storage mechanisms. And Azure has different types of databases that can store data as well.
  3. Deploying and managing Azure compute resources. Understanding how to process information in the cloud is vital to being a cloud architect. Compute resources power everything. They can host a simple web server, provide serverless infrastructure and API endpoints, or even transcribe customer service calls. There are many different types of compute resources to learn in Azure.
  4. Configuring and managing virtual networking. Networking is a big part of this certification. Networking in the cloud can be as easy or complex as traditional network management in brick-and-mortar businesses. Compute resources and storage can be configured for both public and private access. Likewise, it’s possible to configure virtual private networks between Azure resources that only your business can access.
  5. Monitoring and maintaining Azure resources. Topics include tracking errors, ensuring compute resources (like a web server) stay up and running, or verifying that compute processes are completed correctly. Azure offers many different ways to monitor how your Azure services are working, so understanding those tools is critical.

How To Prepare for Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Exam?
Thus if you are looking for a significant thing, here are some of the best means to enhance the efforts for preparation.

Explore the Official Website
The first thing you must do when it comes to AZ-104 preparation is to explore the Microsoft official page. If you go through the official website page for the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator exam, you can find some of the essential information about this exam. You can find all the essential details about the exam, including the language, exam cost, exam date, and validity.

Learning Paths Recommended by Microsoft
Microsoft offers many learning paths for exam-takers, and students can get them from the official website. Many learning paths and documentation for this exam can be obtained from this platform, and it is a simple and quick way to get trusted and relevant study resources.

Test Preparation and Online Tutorials
The next crucial step that applicants need to know is the study guide for the AZ-104 exam. Since there is a requirement to obtain the appropriate study resources, nothing but the official website is the ideal choice. The learning paths and online training can primarily benefit the AZ-104 exam preparation process.

This way, you get the best training from the assured experts of the industry but also can get services at more convenience and lesser cost. Apart from the online courses, the candidates can also be privileged by the flexibility offered to contact the experts if they have any doubts. The online training courses provided by the official brand can help you leverage the immense benefits of the expertise of the experts and enjoy a better outcome.

Microsoft Documentation
Microsoft documentation is another important that you require paying attention to. It can become a lot helpful in the preparation. The more you check the documentation, the easier it becomes to prepare for the exam. Being a course offered by Microsoft, it can provide first-hand knowledge to the candidates when they refer to the brand documentation.

Take the AZ-104 Practice Test
You should not ignore assessing your preparation level when consistently studying for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. The best means to assess your knowledge is to take the Microsoft Azure administrator AZ-104 practice exam available. Therefore, make sure you identify your strong and weak areas and prepare appropriately. The more you take the practice tests, the more you gain confidence, which can benefit you in the preparation.


Microsoft provides role-based certification for applicants to help them select one per their coveted role. Taking the AZ-104 exam can help you acquire the certificate, which can open the door to working as an Azure administrator. Hence, if you plan to relish an excellent career as an Azure administrator, make sure you take the Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 exam.

The AZ-104 syllabus helps you to satisfy the requirements for the role. So, expectantly, this guide could offer you the understanding you require to begin your preparation. It is most important to fully focus on the above exam objectives for the preparation of your AZ-104 Azure Administrator exam. You can follow this preparation guide to passing the AZ-104 Azure Administrator Exam in the first attempt.


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