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Atlassian ACP-620 Exam Questions – Best Way Towards Success

Practicing with Atlassian ACP-620 exam questions is an essential part of preparing for the Managing Jira Cloud Projects exam, and can greatly increase the chances of success. To maximize your chances of success on the ACP-620 exam, it’s essential to focus on your weak areas and practice extensively. By practicing with Atlassian ACP-620 exam questions, candidates can also identify areas where they need to improve their knowledge, and focus their studying efforts accordingly. Additionally, by answering these questions under timed conditions, candidates can simulate the exam environment and become more comfortable with the format and pacing of the actual exam.

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1. Dom is a new manager that will be working on a Jira project.

His manager assigned the below task to him:

- Edit everyone's time logs

- Delete everyone's time logs.

Which issue permissions does Dom need to request? (Choose three.)

2. A group of developers are working on multiple Jira projects. They can view all Jira projects and have the 'Move Issues' permission in all Jira projects. However, they cannot move issues to some of the Jira projects.

What is the possible root cause of this problem?

3. Before creating a new Jira project, it is recommended for Jira administrators to discuss their Jira requirements with the stakeholders.

Which of the following are the purposes of doing business analysis? (Choose four.)

4. Which of the following users have access to create a team-managed Jira project? (Choose four.)


- Company-managed projects are formerly known as classic projects.

- Team-managed projects are formerly known as next-gen projects.

5. An existing Jira project will be handed over to a new team. Users want to change the project details for an upcoming new project.

Which project details can users change from the Details page? (Choose four.)

6. Which of the following statements are true about Jira project settings? (Choose two.)

Both Jira administrators and project administrators can change the project category.

7. Which JQL query can you use to get a list of issues in the current sprint?

8. Nina is creating a new Kanban board with multiple Jira projects. Each project has a different status in its workflow.

Which of the following is true?

9. Which of the following is true about Quick Filters?

10. Sarah needs to create a bar graph to show to her team on how long issues have been opened before they are able to resolve them.

Which report does Sarah need to create?



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