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Genesys PC-CIC-Core Exam Dumps – PureConnect: CIC Core Certification

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1. The call center supervisor for your company must have access to the three workgroups that she manages in order to make changes to workgroup membership as necessary and to manage the workgroup settings. You want to ensure she can view only those workgroups in interaction Administrator and nothing else.

How would you configure the supervisor's account to provide access only to the three workgroups?

2. You want to configure your automated attendant so that when a caller wants to speak directly to a sales representative in the Sales workgroup, they press 1.

What type of operation in interaction Attendant would you use for this functionality?

3. Where must you create new stations for them to be eligible for auto-provisioning?

4. Select the three primary groups that are used to organize Interaction Center configuration data in Interaction Administrator. (Choose three.)


Match the Interaction Attendant call flow type with the correct definition.

6. You have configured your default profile and default schedule to have the functionality that you wish callers to hear when they dial in during regular business hours. Now you want to assign your main number to the default profile.

How would you assign the main number to the default profile?

7. Your company has just acquired another company and you are responsible for setting up and configuring the users and stations. There are 35 users and Polycom IP phones that require setup and configuration.

What Interaction Administrator tool is designed for quickly creating the managed IP stations?

8. What component within the Interaction Client or Interaction Desktop allows you to manage any selected interaction?

9. Your contact center supervisor would like to be automatically alerted when agents have been on calls for more than 5 minutes.

How can you configure CIC to automatically notify the supervisor when this happens?

10. What statement is true regarding this user?



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