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Pass Your Python Institute PCPP-32-101 Exam With Ease

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1. What is true about the unbind_all () method?

(Select two answers.)

2. What is ElementTree?

3. Select the true statement about the___name___attribute.

4. 1.Which of the following constants will be used if you do riot define the quoting argument in the writer method provided by the csv module?

5. Select the true statements about sockets. (Select two answers)

A. A socket is a connection point that enables a two-way communication between programs running in a network.

B. A socket is always the secure means by which computers on a network can safely communicate, without the risk of exposure to an attack

C. A socket is a connection point that enables a one-way communication only between remote processes

D. A socket can be used to establish a communication endpoint for processes running on the same or different machines.

6. Select the true statements about the connection-oriented and connectionless types of communication. (Select two answers.)

A. In the context of TCP/IP networks, the communication side that initiates a connection is called the client, whereas the side that answers the client is called the server

B. Connectionless communications are usually built on top of TCP

C. Using walkie-talkies is an example of a connection-oriented communication

D. A phone call is an example of a connection-oriented communication

7. Which one of the following methods allows you to debug an XML tree in the xml.etree ELementTree module?

8. What isa___traceback___? (Select two answers)

A. An attribute owned by every exception object

B. A special method delivered by the traceback module to retrieve a full list of strings describing the traceback

C. An attribute that is added to every object when the traceback module is imported

D. An attribute that holds interesting information that is particularly useful when the programmer wants to store exception details in other objects

9. Analyze the following function and choose the statement that best describes it.

10. If purple can be obtained from mixing red and blue, which color codes represent the two ingredients? Select two answers)


B. #0000FF

C. #FF0000

D. #000000



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