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700-250 SMBS Topic 4: Enabling People, Enhancing Workspaces

The Cisco Small and Medium Business Sales (700-250) exam is designed to assess the knowledge and skills required to effectively sell Cisco solutions to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The exam covers various domains, each with a specific focus area that reflects real-world scenarios and challenges faced by SMBs. One of the key domains in this exam is “Enabling People, Enhancing Workspaces,” which accounts for 10% of the overall content. This domain focuses on strategies to maximize employee potential, enhance both physical and digital workspaces, and empower IT teams for efficient operations.

Topic 4: Enabling People, Enhancing Workspaces 10%

To effectively prepare for the exam and increase your chances of passing, it’s important to understand and master the key knowledge points within the “Enabling People, Enhancing Workspaces” domain.

1. Examine Strategies for Enabling Employees to Maximize Their Potential

This knowledge point emphasizes the importance of empowering employees by providing the right tools and resources to enhance their productivity and engagement. Key strategies include:

  • Training and Development: Implementing continuous learning programs to keep employees updated with the latest skills and knowledge.
  • Collaboration Tools: Utilizing collaboration platforms like Cisco WebEx to facilitate seamless communication and teamwork.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Offering options for remote work and flexible schedules to improve work-life balance.

2. Understand Methods of Enhancing Physical and Digital Workspaces

Enhancing workspaces involves optimizing both the physical environment and digital tools to create a conducive work atmosphere. Methods include:

  • Ergonomic Office Design: Creating comfortable and ergonomic workspaces to reduce physical strain and improve productivity.
  • Digital Workspaces: Implementing digital platforms that allow employees to access work-related resources from anywhere, such as Cisco Meraki for network management and security.
  • Smart Devices: Integrating smart devices like Cisco Webex Boards to facilitate interactive and engaging meetings.

3. Understand How to Empower IT Teams to Facilitate Efficient Operations

Empowering IT teams is crucial for maintaining efficient and secure operations within SMBs. This involves:

  • Automation Tools: Utilizing automation tools to reduce manual tasks and increase operational efficiency.
  • Network Security: Implementing robust security solutions like Cisco Umbrella to protect against cyber threats.
  • Remote Management: Providing IT teams with tools like Cisco Meraki Systems Manager to manage and monitor devices remotely.

700-250 SMBS Topic 4 Practice Questions With Explanations

To solidify your understanding of these knowledge points, let’s go through some practice questions with detailed explanations.

Question 1: Which Cisco product is part of the Secure SMB experience for enabling people?

  • A. Umbrella
  • B. Meraki MX
  • C. Stealthwatch
  • D. Cisco Secure Email

Answer: A

Explanation: Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides protection against internet threats, enabling people to work securely from anywhere. It is a key component of the Secure SMB experience, ensuring that employees can safely access the internet and cloud applications.

Question 2: Which device connects remote SMB workers with power collaboration solutions and award-winning devices?

  • A. Meraki Systems Manager
  • B. Cloud Meeting Solutions
  • C. Meraki Insight
  • D. WebEx

Answer: D

Explanation: Cisco WebEx is a powerful collaboration tool that connects remote workers, allowing them to participate in virtual meetings, share content, and collaborate in real-time. It is an award-winning platform that enhances communication and collaboration for SMBs.

Question 3: Which product enhances workspaces for SMBs by accelerating the Webex platform experience?

  • A. Webex Control Hub
  • B. Webex Boards
  • C. Webex Polls
  • D. Webex Breakout Rooms

Answer: B

Explanation: Webex Boards are interactive devices that integrate with the Webex platform, enhancing meeting experiences by providing features like digital whiteboarding, video conferencing, and wireless content sharing. They significantly improve collaboration and engagement in workspaces.

Question 4: How does Cisco help SMBs to be truly smart?

  • A. Operational inefficiencies
  • B. Secure connectivity
  • C. Utilities cost control
  • D. Employee automation

Answer: B

Explanation: Cisco helps SMBs achieve smart operations by providing secure connectivity solutions. Secure connectivity ensures that SMBs can connect their devices, applications, and users securely, protecting against cyber threats and ensuring reliable access to resources.

Question 5: Which Cisco product is part of the smart experience for enabling workspaces?

  • A. Cisco Secure Email
  • B. Meraki Insight
  • C. Meraki Systems Manager
  • D. Meraki Camera

Answer: D

Explanation: Meraki Cameras are part of the Meraki product line that enhances workspace security and monitoring. These smart cameras provide advanced video surveillance capabilities, helping SMBs maintain a safe and secure work environment.

Question 6: Which products are part of the Secure SMB experience for enabling people? (Choose two)

  • A. Umbrella
  • B. Meraki MX
  • C. Stealthwatch
  • D. Cisco Secure Email

Answers: A, B

Explanation: Both Cisco Umbrella and Meraki MX are integral parts of the Secure SMB experience. Cisco Umbrella provides cloud security, while Meraki MX offers advanced security and networking solutions, enabling SMBs to protect their network and devices effectively.


Preparing for the Cisco Small and Medium Business Sales (700-250) exam requires a deep understanding of various knowledge points, including strategies for enabling employees, enhancing workspaces, and empowering IT teams. By mastering these areas and practicing with relevant questions, you can increase your chances of passing the exam and effectively selling Cisco solutions to SMBs. Good luck with your exam preparation!


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