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PMI Risk Management Professional PMI-RMP Dumps Questions

Preparing for the PMI-RMP certification exam requires a combination of knowledge, practice, and confidence. Certspots’ PMI-RMP dumps questions provide an invaluable resource to enhance your exam readiness. By working through these questions, you can test your understanding, simulate the exam environment, and gain insights into risk management principles. At Certspots, we offer a comprehensive collection of PMI-RMP exam questions and answers, designed to help you prepare for the real exam. Our PMI-RMP dumps questions are regularly updated to reflect the latest exam syllabus and ensure that you are fully prepared for every aspect of the PMI-RMP exam. Our PMI-RMP dumps questions cover all the topics and concepts that are featured on the actual exam. With our PMI-RMP dumps questions, you will be able to evaluate your knowledge and identify areas where you need to focus your studies.

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1. A risk manager faces resistance as they try to implement the project's risk strategy. Some members of the project team believe it is a waste of time and money, What should the risk manager do?

2. A project manager wants to work on understanding the project risks. The project manager works with the integrated project team to develop the risk handling strategies for the identified risks.

How should the project manager work with these risk handling strategies?

3. A large, land-based infrastructure project has begun. The project makes assumptions about the site conditions and has economic, technical, and environmental constraints

What should the project manager do next to determine risk impact of assumptions and constraints?

4. The project manager leading a company's digital signature initiative for engineering drawingshas identified threats and opportunities using a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis.

What are two potential threats or opportunities under the SWOT analysis? (Choose two.)

5. The risk manager of a major project needs to ensure the organizational process assets (OPAsj are updated as a result of risk management activities.

How will the risk manager accomplish this?

6. A project is at the final development stage. The test lead informs the risk manager that a key feature may not be testable due to changes in the environment

What should the risk manager do?

7. A project has a significant impact on an organization. Multiple stakeholders expressed concerns regarding the overall project risk during construction of the risk management plan, and they agreed that the risk appetite is low.

What should the project risk manager monitor closely?

8. In a project to promote public health and mitigate health risks, the national health authorities intend to take actions to limit the risks of harmful insects by using pesticides; however, it is expected that some residents will have negative health effects due to the use of the pesticides but according to the assessment completed by the health authorities, not moving forward with this plan will have much more serious consequences on public health rather than following through with the original plan.

How should the project manager address this concern with the health authorities?

9. A project manager has determined that an activity is too complex to complete internally so they hire a licensed contractor to complete the work.

What is the project manager performing in this situation?

10. An agriculture government agency faces different challenges with farmers and landlords In implementing its ambitious growth strategy. The agency decided to establish an enterprise risk management unit to identify risks, analyze risks, and provide a handbook showing how to handle the surrounding uncertainty.

What should the risk management expert recommend the agency do first to identify risks and develop the handbook?



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