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PSA Sysadmin Certification Free Dumps 2023

The PSA System Administrator Certification exam is designed to test the proficiency of IT professionals in managing and maintaining PSA systems. If you are planning to take the exam in 2023, it is important to start preparing early. One helpful resource for exam preparation is the latest PSA Sysadmin Certification Free Dumps 2023 from Certspots. These PSA Sysadmin free dumps are designed to help you get a better understanding of the exam format and the types of questions that you can expect to see on the exam. By using these PSA Sysadmin dumps, you can identify areas where you need to focus your study efforts. Additionally, Certspots offers other study materials, such as study guides and practice exams, to help you prepare for the exam. With the right preparation, you can increase your chances of passing the PSA System Administrator Certification exam and advancing your career in IT.

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1. You recently activated a Project Management Workspace and are notified that some users are seeing the following error on the navigation component:

Error: "You do not have access to the Apex class named 'wksp_navigation'."

Which permission do you need to add for the user?

2. A user is having an issue where the Utilization report has inflated hours. The billable hours, calendar hours, and credited hours are double their actual values.

Which of the following is a possible cause of this issue?

3. What is the best practice for limiting permissions in a FinancialForce Permission Set Group?

4. To update Resource Roles in PSA, you will need to update the picklists of which two of the following objects? (Choose two.)

5. A manager was looking at utilization for a resource for the last two months. The resource was identified as 80% utilized for each month, but the subtotal section showed 160% for the user for that same two month period.

How can the report be fixed to show 80% instead of 160%?

6. Your company is rolling out Skills and Certifications to encourage employees to track their skills and also decide which skills they would like to acquire. After rolling this feature out, end-users have noted they can't add their assignments to build their "Experience".

What could be causing this problem?

7. Your company's leadership noticed that the "PSA Resourcing" Lightning Component is displaying a "Default Cost Rate" column. They asked you to remove this column from the component. You edited the Resource Request Lightning Page, selected the "PSA Resourcing" component, and identified the "Column Field Set" setting.

What is the next step to complete this change?

8. Project Managers would like to display several fields prominently on the Project Lightning Page.

Which PSA Lightning Component could you use to meet this need?

9. Actuals are the result of calculations run on transactions that occur in a business record. PSA tracks Actuals by incrementing values in specified amounts for each time period.

Actuals include which of the following?

10. One of the Project Managers in your company has reached out to you to resolve an issue. Many of the Timecards that were approved in the last week against projects are not reflecting back on the Project Actuals.

You check that the Actuals Configuration Group > Calculation Mode option is set to "Scheduled".

What is the next step you should take?



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