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Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Part 1 : Sales Practices

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification is a credential developed for Salesforce professionals who have experience in Sales Cloud solutions on the Salesforce platform and are looking to verify their expertise. Working experience of the product is important for this certification in particular as it’s designed specifically for professionals who can architect a solution for a particular customer scenario.

In this article, we will talk about part 1: Sales Practices

  • This topic includes the following objectives:
  • • Given a scenario, assess the factors that influence sales metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and business challenges.
  • • Describe common sales and marketing processes and key implementation considerations.
  • • Understand when to use Sales Cloud features and related products such as Sales Engagement, Salesforce Inbox, Salesforce Maps, and Sales Cloud Einstein.

There are various metrics, KPIs, and business challenges related to sales and factors that influence them. Sales metrics and KPIs can be used to gauge the performance of the sales department and make adjustments to an organization’s business objectives accordingly. It is important to monitor them in order to analyze and improve how successful the organization is in meeting its sales goals and forecasts. Common business challenges and factors that influence them are also important to consider because of their high impact on sales.

This category also describes common sales processes used for closing sales deals as well as some of the sales methodologies which can be utilized for effective selling. A sales process can consist of various stages for lead generation, lead qualification, lead conversion, and opportunity management. A sales methodology guides the overall selling principles and beliefs of a business concerning one or more sales processes.

Some of the most common marketing processes are used by companies to perform activities related to marketing, such as lead management, campaign management, reporting, etc. A company typically uses campaigns to generate leads through marketing channels such as email, web, advertisements, and trade shows. A strategic marketing process may be utilized to execute the marketing plan. An optimized lead flow plan helps marketers prioritize and follow up with leads.

In addition to processes and implementation practices, different Salesforce sales and marketing tools and features are covered here such as High Velocity Sales, Salesforce Inbox, Salesforce Maps, and Sales Cloud Einstein. Sales Cloud Einstein uses data science and machine learning to provide key predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation in the sales process. It learns from the sales users’ activities and CRM data.


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