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Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Part 9: Consulting Practices & Sales Metrics, Reports & Dashboards

This Consulting Practices topic includes the following objectives:

• Analyze and prioritize valid use cases from a client.

• Understand the consulting project lifecycle.

Aspiring sales consultants are expected to know different methodologies and consulting project lifecycle phases. There are different aspects to consider when it comes to requirement elicitation, analysis, and solution design. Gathering and analyzing requirements is the first step of building appropriate solutions that bring value to the business. This section details the stages of a project lifecycle as well as a few real-life business scenarios that require the implementation of Sales Cloud.

This Sales Metrics, Reports & Dashboards topic includes the following objective:

• Determine the appropriate report, dashboard or reporting snapshot solution

Reports, dashboards, and reporting snapshots can be used to monitor sales metrics that are important for understanding how successfully a company is achieving its sales goals. Either standard reports and dashboards can be used or custom reports and dashboards can be created if the former do not meet business requirements. Sales dashboards can also be downloaded and installed from the AppExchange for various stakeholders of the company.

Various user permissions and access levels are available to allow users to access reports and dashboards as well as folders that contain them. Reports and dashboards help sales users view summarized data and understand metrics related to the sales process. There are various user permissions that enable sales users to access and/or create reports and dashboards.


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