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Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Part 7: Sales Productivity and Integration

This topic includes the following objectives:

• Discuss use cases and considerations for using email productivity tools, such as Salesforce Inbox and Outlook/Gmail integration. • Illustrate the use cases and best practices for using collaboration tools, such as Slack, Quip, Chatter, and mobile solutions.

There are key features in Salesforce that help in the enablement and measurement of sales productivity and adoption. Many Salesforce features such as the Salesforce mobile app, Chatter, and email integration tools can be used to drive the productivity of sales reps in an organization. The adoption of Sales Cloud along with these features can be ensured through various measures such as training, data quality improvement, and automation. Sales productivity and adoption can be measured with the help of reports and dashboards based on metrics.

Sales representatives can make use of various tools, such as Outlook Integration, Gmail Integration, and Lightning Sync, to access Salesforce records from Microsoft Outlook or Gmail as well as sync contacts and events between these email applications and Salesforce. Einstein Activity Capture can be used to keep email and calendar applications in sync with Salesforce. Moreover, other Salesforce features, such as Email to Salesforce, Mass Email, List Email, Email Templates, and Mail Merge, can also be utilized to increase sales productivity.

The Salesforce mobile app can be used to improve the productivity of an organization’s sales department and to access Salesforce on the go. It not only allows access to Salesforce records on mobile devices but also provides several other tools that improve sales workflow and collaboration. It supports many Salesforce features, such as record search, Chatter, sales path, lead conversion, record approval, reports, and dashboards, making the sales process more efficient by helping sales reps to close deals more quickly.

Chatter is an application provided by Salesforce that makes it easier for users to collaborate through various features such as actions, posts, polls, questions, groups, mentioning, and private messaging. Such features allow users to work together by posting and sharing content as well as gathering opinions relevant to the topic of discussion. Using Chatter enables effective collaboration, which also increases sales productivity.


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