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1. Databases created from shares cannot be replicated

2. You set up a Snowflake account, choosing AWS as your cloud platform provider.

What stages can you use to load data files? (Check all that apply)

3. Objects that are dropped from a shared database and then recreated with the same name are not immediately available in the share; you must execute grant usage on the objects to make them available

4. Materialized views doesn't incur any costs. (TRUE / FALSE)

5. What is the recommended strategy to choose the right sized warehouse to achieve best performance based on query processing?

6. Below are the rest APIs provided by Snowpipe

7. Scaling up is intended for handling concurrency issues dure to more users or more queries

8. Stages which do not support File Formats are:

9. Secure views cannot take advantage of the internal optimizations which require access to the underlying data in the base tables for the view.

10. Snowflake includes administration settings for resource consumption in order to



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