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Snowflake DEA-C01 Dumps – Shortcut Key To Success

If you’re looking for a shortcut key to your success in the DEA-C01 SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer Certification exam, Certspots provides up-to-date, accurate, and reliable Snowflake DEA-C01 dumps that have been carefully crafted to help you pass your exam on the first try. These Snowflake DEA-C01 dumps have been designed to cover all the topics and concepts that you’ll need to know to pass the Snowflake DEA-C01 exam. Plus, they’re updated regularly to ensure that they reflect any changes or updates to the exam. They’re available in different formats, including PDF and practice exam software, which allows you to practice and test your knowledge before the actual exam.

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1. Select the incorrect statement while working with warehouses?

2. Mark the Incorrect Statements with respect to types of streams supported by Snowflake?

3. For enabling non-ACCOUNTADMIN Roles to Perform Data Sharing Tasks, which two glob-al/account privileges snowflake provide?

4. As Data Engineer, you have been asked to access data held in AWS Glacier Deep Archive storage class for Historical Data Analysis, which one is the correct statement to recommend?

5. The COPY command supports several options for loading data files from a stage i.e.

I. By path

II. Specifying a list of specific files to load.

III. Using pattern matching to identify specific files by pattern.

IV. Organize files into logical paths that reflect a scheduling pattern.

Of the aforesaid options for identifying/specifying data files to load from a stage, which option in general is the fastest & best considerate?

6. While working with Multi Cluster Warehouses, Select the incorrect understanding of Data Engineer about its usage?

7. Steven created the task, what additional privileges required by Steven on the task so that he can suspend or resume the tasks?

8. Which of the following security and governance tools/technologies are known to provide native connectivity to Snowflake? [Select 2]

9. While creating External function, Which Database object required with at least ACCOUNTAD-MIN privileges?

10. Jeff, a Data Engineer, accessing elements in JSON object in its 3 data loading scripts, he unknowingly use the upper case while accessing the elements. e.g.

Script 1 --> fruits:apple.sweet

Script 2 --> FRUITS:apple.sweet

Script 3 --> FRUITS:Apple.Sweet

Which are the correct statements?



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