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1. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to integrate LDAP for Citrix ADC system administration using current active directory (AD) groups. The administrator created the group on the Citrix ADC, exactly matching the group name in LDAP.

What can the administrator bind to specify the permission level and complete the LDAP configuration?

2. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages an environment that has three SSL websites, all serving the same content.

The administrator would like to consolidate the websites into a single, load-balanced SSL vServer.

What can the administrator bind to use a single SSL vServer?

3. Scenario: A company has three departments with proprietary applications that need to be load balanced on a Citrix ADC. The three department managers would like to use the same IP address to access their individual applications. This would mean configuring three load-balanced vServers, all using the same IP address.

What can the Citrix Administrator configure for this scenario?

4. If VLAN 20 is bound to the interface as tagged in an environment where Citrix ADC is configured with the default settings, which VLANs will be bound to an interface?

5. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is managing a Citrix ADC SDX running eight Citrix ADC instances. The administrator needs to upgrade the firmware on the instances. However, the administrator is concerned that it needs to be done simultaneously.

What upgrading flexibility does SDX provide in this scenario?

6. Which two options are only allowed when creating advanced policies? (Choose two.)

7. A Citrix Administrator needs to confirm that all client certificates presented to the authentication vServer are valid until the year 2023.

Which expression can the administrator use to meet this requirement?

8. 1.Which feature can a Citrix Administrator use to create a consistent set of front-end SSL parameters across multiple SSL vServers?

9. Which Citrix ADC feature can a Citrix Administrator employ to reuse existing TCP connections?

10. A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a rate-limiting policy setting DNS requests to a threshold of 1,000 per second.

Which command does the administrator need to run to correctly configure this policy?



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