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1. An administrator is installing the Cloud Pak for Integration operators via the CLI. They have created a YAML file describing the "ibm-cp-integration" subscription which will be installed in a new namespace.

Which resource needs to be added before the subscription can be applied?

2. OpenShift Pipelines can be used to automate the build of custom images in a CI/CD pipeline and they are based on Tekton.

What type of component is used to create a Pipeline?

3. What protocol is used for secure communications between the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration module and any other capability modules installed in the cluster using the Platform Navigator?

4. Which statement is true about App Connect Designer?

5. Which statement is true regarding the DataPower Gateway operator?

6. Which queue manager includes a pair of pods, one of which is the active queue manager and the other of which is a standby?

7. What is the purpose of the Automation Assets Deployment capability?

8. What team Is created as part of the Initial Installation ot Cloud Pak for In-tegration?

9. What type of storage is required by the API Connect Management subsystem?


Select all that apply

What is the correct order of the Operations Dashboard upgrade?



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