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IBM Certification C1000-063 Practice Test Questions

IBM C1000-063 is an advanced-level certification exam that tests the skills and knowledge of IBM professionals in various areas. Passing this exam demonstrates a high level of proficiency in designing, implementing, and managing IBM solutions. For those looking to prepare for the IBM C1000-063 exam, Certspots offers a comprehensive C1000-063 practice test questions which are designed to simulate the actual exam, giving candidates the opportunity to test their knowledge and identify areas where they need to improve. With Certspots’ C1000-063 practice test questions, candidates can better prepare themselves and increase their chances of passing the IBM C1000-063 exam on the first try.

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1. Which default UID is defined during the installation of ITNM?

2. Which statement is true regarding adding Layer 1 connectivity information to the network topology in ITNM?

3. A full discovery within domain CUSTOMER1 usually takes about 1.5 hours to complete. Currently, the discovery has already been running for 13 hours in Phase 1.

Which OQL query should be used to find agents that are still running and blocking the transition to the next discovery phase?

4. Which command will verify that Apache Storm has database access?

5. Using the OMNIbus WebGUI EventViewer and assuming discovery is configured to send status events, what kind of filter should be applied to the EventViewer to only see events related to the discovery status?

6. Which file should be edited to change the database access for ITNM GUI components?

7. A custom discovery stitcher creates a temporary table or array called customData using the Record customData; statement. Since implementing the custom stitcher, the amount of available memory on the ITNM server decreases more than normal while discovery is running.

What is a potential problem?

8. Which ITNM component uses an embedded relational database?


What is the correct sequence of steps to ensure ITNM is configured to use an existing Web GUI data source?

10. How can ITNM be configured to discover only a pre-defined set of network devices that are in a seed file?



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