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312-50v12 EC-Council Exam Questions and Free Practice Test

If you’re looking to pass the EC-Council 312-50v12 exam, Certspot 312-50v12 EC-Council exam questions and free practice test are an excellent choice. These 312-50v12 questions and answers are designed to help you prepare for the exam by providing you with up-to-date and accurate information on the exam topics. One of the best things about Certspot 312-50v12 EC-Council exam questions and free practice test is that it’s designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, their preparation material will help you gain a better understanding of the subject matter and allow you to test your knowledge before the actual exam.

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1. David is a security professional working in an organization, and he is implementing a vulnerability management program in the organization to evaluate and control the risks and vulnerabilities in its IT infrastructure. He is currently executing the process of applying fixes on vulnerable systems to reduce the impact and severity of vulnerabilities.

Which phase of the vulnerability-management life cycle is David currently in?

2. An attacker utilizes a Wi-Fi Pineapple to run an access point with a legitimate-looking SSID for a nearby business in order to capture the wireless password.

What kind of attack is this?

3. In this attack, a victim receives an e-mail claiming from PayPal stating that their account has been disabled and confirmation is required before activation. The attackers then scam to collect not one but two credit card numbers, ATM PIN number and other personal details. Ignorant users usually fall prey to this scam.

Which of the following statement is incorrect related to this attack?

4. Bill has been hired as a penetration tester and cyber security auditor for a major credit card company.

Which information security standard is most applicable to his role?

5. Lewis, a professional hacker, targeted the loT cameras and devices used by a target venture-capital firm. He used an information-gathering tool to collect information about the loT devices connected to a network, open ports and services, and the attack surface area. Using this tool, he also generated statistical reports on broad usage patterns and trends. This tool helped Lewis continually monitor every reachable server and device on the Internet, further allowing him to exploit these devices in the network.

Which of the following tools was employed by Lewis in the above scenario?

6. What tool can crack Windows SMB passwords simply by listening to network traffic?

7. Samuel a security administrator, is assessing the configuration of a web server. He noticed that the server permits SSlv2 connections, and the same private key certificate is used on a different server that allows SSLv2 connections. This vulnerability makes the web server vulnerable to attacks as the SSLv2 server can leak key information.

Which of the following attacks can be performed by exploiting the above vulnerability?

8. Which of the following is considered an exploit framework and has the ability to perform automated attacks on services, ports, applications and unpatched security flaws in a computer system?

9. To hide the file on a Linux system, you have to start the filename with a specific character.

What is the character?

10. The Heartbleed bug was discovered in 2014 and is widely referred to under MITRE’s Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) as CVE-2014-0160. This bug affects the OpenSSL implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols defined in RFC6520.

What type of key does this bug leave exposed to the Internet making exploitation of any compromised system very easy?



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