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Best EC-Council 212-82 Dumps [2023] With Real Exam Questions

Do you want to ensure your success and pass the 212-82 exam on your first attempt? One of the biggest advantages of using the EC-Council 212-82 dumps is that it is updated regularly to ensure that it reflects the latest exam trends and requirements. This means that you can be sure that the EC-Council 212-82 dumps you are studying are up-to-date and relevant to the exam you are preparing for. In addition to providing you with real exam questions and answers, the EC-Council 212-82 dumps also include practice tests and quizzes that are designed to simulate the actual exam experience. This will help you get a feel for the exam format, as well as identify areas where you may need to focus your study efforts.

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1. Sam, a software engineer, visited an organization to give a demonstration on a software tool that helps in business development. The administrator at the organization created a least privileged account on a system and allocated that system to Sam for the demonstration. Using this account, Sam can only access the files that are required for the demonstration and cannot open any other file in the system.

Which of the following type of accounts the organization has given to Sam in the above scenario?

2. Warren, a member of IH&R team at an organization, was tasked with handling a malware attack launched on one of servers connected to the organization's network. He immediately implemented appropriate measures to stop the infection from spreading to other organizational assets and to prevent further damage to the organization.

Identify the IH&R step performed by Warren in the above scenario.

3. A threat intelligence feed data file has been acquired and stored in the Documents folder of Attacker Machine-1 (File Name: Threatfeed.txt). You are a cybersecurity technician working for an ABC organization. Your organization has assigned you a task to analyze the data and submit a report on the threat landscape. Select the IP address linked with

4. RAT has been setup in one of the machines connected to the network to steal the important Sensitive corporate docs located on Desktop of the server, further investigation revealed the IP address of the server Initiate a remote connection using thief client and determine the number of files present in the folder.

Hint: Thief folder is located at: Z:CCT-ToolsCCT Module 01 Information Security Threats and VulnerabilitiesRemote Access Trojans (RAT)Thief of Attacker Machine-1.

5. Kason, a forensic officer, was appointed to investigate a case where a threat actor has bullied certain children online. Before proceeding legally with the case, Kason has documented all the supporting documents, including source of the evidence and its relevance to the case, before presenting it in front of the jury.

Which of the following rules of evidence was discussed in the above scenario?

6. Leilani, a network specialist at an organization, employed Wireshark for observing network traffic. Leilani navigated to the Wireshark menu icon that contains items to manipulate, display and apply filters, enable, or disable the dissection of protocols, and configure user-specified decodes.

Identify the Wireshark menu Leilani has navigated in the above scenario.

7. Tenda, a network specialist at an organization, was examining logged data using Windows Event Viewer to identify attempted or successful unauthorized activities. The logs analyzed by Tenda include events related to Windows security; specifically, log-on/log-off activities, resource access, and also information based on Windows system's audit policies.

Identify the type of event logs analyzed by Tenda in the above scenario.

8. An attacker with malicious intent used SYN flooding technique to disrupt the network and gain advantage over the network to bypass the Firewall. You are working with a security architect to design security standards and plan for your organization. The network traffic was captured by the SOC team and was provided to you to perform a detailed analysis. Study the Synflood.pcapng file and determine the source IP address.

Note: Synflood.pcapng file is present in the Documents folder of Attacker-1 machine.

9. An FTP server has been hosted in one of the machines in the network. Using Cain and Abel the attacker was able to poison the machine and fetch the FTP credentials used by the admin. You're given a task to validate the credentials that were stolen using Cain and Abel and read the file flag.txt

10. An IoT device that has been placed in a hospital for safety measures, it has sent an alert command to the server. The network traffic has been captured and stored in the Documents folder of the Attacker Machine-1. Analyze the loTdeviceTraffic.pcapng file and select the appropriate command that was sent by the IoT device over the network.



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