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Get Latest and Valid Ec-council 312-38 Exam Questions [2023]

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1. As a network administrator, you have implemented WPA2 encryption in your corporate wireless network. The WPA2's _________integrity check mechanism provides security against a replay attack

2. A local bank wants to protect their card holder data. The bank should comply with the________standard to ensure the security of card holder data.

3. Eric is receiving complaints from employees that their systems are very slow and experiencing odd issues including restarting automatically and frequent system hangs. Upon investigating, he is convinced the systems are infected with a virus that forces systems to shut down automatically after period of time.

What type of security incident are the employees a victim of?

4. Castle-and-Moat model

5. What command is used to terminate certain processes in an Ubuntu system?

6. Steven's company has recently grown from 5 employees to over 50. Every workstation has a public IP address and navigated to the Internet with little to no protection. Steven wants to use a firewall. He also wants IP addresses to be private addresses, to prevent public Internet devices direct access to them.

What should Steven implement on the firewall to ensure this happens?

7. A company has the right to monitor the activities of their employees on different information systems according to the _______policy.


Identify the minimum number of drives required to setup RAID level 5.

9. In _______ mechanism, the system or application sends log records either on the local disk or over the network.

10. Bryson is the IT manager and sole IT employee working for a federal agency in California. The agency was just given a grant and was able to hire on 30 more employees for a new extended project. Because of this, Bryson has hired on two more IT employees to train up and work. Both of his new hires are straight out of college and do not have any practical IT experience. Bryson has spent the last two weeks teaching the new employees the basics of computers, networking, troubleshooting techniques etc. To see how these two new hires are doing, he asks them at what layer of the OSI model do Network Interface Cards (NIC) work on.

What should the new employees answer?



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