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350-501 Cisco Exam Questions and Free Practice Test

If you’re looking to pass the Cisco 350-501 exam, Certspot 350-501 Cisco exam questions and free practice test are an excellent choice. These 350-501 questions and answers are designed to help you prepare for the exam by providing you with up-to-date and accurate information on the exam topics. One of the best things about Certspot 350-501 Cisco exam questions and free practice test is that it’s designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, their preparation material will help you gain a better understanding of the subject matter and allow you to test your knowledge before the actual exam.

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

What does the number 2 mean in the configuration?

2. Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer is implementing OSPF multiarea.

Which command on interface GO/1 resolves adjacency issues in the new area?

3. What is the role of NSO in network automation?

4. Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer with an employee id: 3812:12:993 has started to configure router R1 for IS-IS as shown.

Which additional configuration must be applied to configure the IS-IS instance to advertise only network prefixes associated to passive interfaces?

5. An engineer is developing a configuration script to enable dial-out telemetry streams using gRPC on several new devices. TLS must be disabled on the devices.

Which configuration must the engineer apply on the network?





6. Which additional feature does MPLS DiffServ tunneling support?

7. A network engineer Is implementing a QoS policy for outbound management traffic classification and marking on a CPE device with these requirements:

• Management protocols must be marked with DSCP AF class 2 w4h low drop probability.

• Monitoring protocols must be marked with DSCP AF class 1 with low drop probability.

• All remaining traffic must be marked with a DSCP value of 0.

Which configuration must the engineer implement to satisfy the requirements?





8. Refer to the exhibit:

What is the URL used for with REST API?

9. Refer to the exhibit:

Export statistics received do not include the BGP next hop.

Which statement about the NetFlow export statistics is true?

10. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is updating this network to meet these conditions:

• Area 10 will receive inter-area routes and support mutual redistribution of external routes with the extranet.

• The ::/0 route is prohibited in Area 10.

• Area 11 will receive only the ::/0 route from the ABR.

• External route redistribution is not supported in Area 11.

• The ABR in Area 11 will advertise no interarea routes.

Which two configurations must be performed to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)



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