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Cisco CCNP Enterprise 300-410 Free Dumps 2023

Cisco 300-410 free dumps from Certspots is an excellent resource for anyone who is preparing for the CCNP Enterprise certification exam. They are updated regularly to reflect the latest exam trends and requirements. This means that you can be sure that the questions you are practicing with are relevant to the exam you are preparing for. Using Certspots Cisco CCNP Enterprise 300-410 free dumps can also help you identify areas where you need to focus your study efforts. By practicing with the questions, you can gauge your understanding of the material and identify areas where you may need additional study. You can practice our 300-410 free dumps today and get one step closer to achieving your certification goals.

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

While monitoring VTY access to a router, an engineer notices that the router does not have any filter and anyone can access the router with username and password even though an ACL is configured.

Which command resolves this issue?

2. Refer to the exhibit.

The client server but the show command does not show the IPv6 DHCP bindings on the server.

Which action resolves the issue?

3. An engineer configured two routers connected to two different service providers using BGP with default attributes. One of the links is presenting high delay, which causes slowness in the network.

Which BGP attribute must the engineer configure to avoid using the high-delay ISP link if the second ISP link is up?

4. Refer to the exhibit.

Users in the branch network of 2001:db8:0:4::/64 report that they cannot access the Internet.

Which command is issued in IPv6 router EIGRP 100 configuration mode to solve this issue?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

Which action resolves the issue?

6. Refer to the exhibit.

After applying IPsec, the engineer observed that the DMVPN tunnel went down, and both spoke-to-spoke and hub were not establishing.

Which two actions resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

7. Exhibit:

BGP is flapping after the Copp policy is applied.

What are the two solutions to fix the issue? (Choose two)

8. Refer to the exhibit.

The network engineer configured the summarization of the RIP routes into the OSPF domain on R5 but still sees four different networks on R4.

Which action resolves the issue?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

Which control plane policy limits BGP traffic that is destined to the CPU to 1 Mbps and ignores BGP traffic that is sent at higher rate?

10. Refer to the exhibit.

While troubleshooting a BGP route reflector configuration, an engineer notices that reflected routes are missing from neighboring routers.

Which two BGP configurations are needed to resolve the issue? (Choose two)



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