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Avaya 72301X Exam Dumps For Brilliant Exam Study 2023

If you’re preparing for the Avaya Aura Communication Applications Support Certified exam, then Avaya 72301X exam dumps are an excellent resource to help you pass with ease. These questions are designed to align with the latest exam syllabus and pattern, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date information possible. One of the most significant advantages of Avaya 72301X exam dumps is their ability to provide regular updates to reflect the latest changes in the exam. This ensures that you have access to the most recent information and are fully prepared for the exam.

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1. In Avaya Aura® 7, how are calls typically routed from Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) to Avaya Aura® Messaging (AAM)?

2. Refer to the exhibit.

Avaya Tier 3 support receives a case escalated by Tier 2 where the customer cannot receive incoming calls, but can make calls out successfully. The trace shows that the incoming calls arrive at the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) but fail to get routed into the customer enterprise network.

Based on this information, what is and is not working?

3. When a customer calls voicemail to retrieve their messages they hear “Hello, to access your mailbox…”

instead of the users named followed by “please enter your password…”.

After troubleshooting you discover that the Caller ID is not being sent correctly, therefore Avaya Aura®

Messaging (AAM) is not able to identify the correct mailbox associated with the station number calling into


How can this problem be fixed?

4. Considering the message flow to an Avaya Aura® Contact Centre (AACC) Agent Desktop, which protocol is used to communicate between Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) and Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services (AES)?

5. In Avaya Aura® Messaging (AAM), which Command Line Interface command produces the same output as what is shown on the Process Status Results page in the AAM Web GUI?

6. You are troubleshooting a TLS link down message between Avaya Aura® Session Manager (SM) and Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE). Tracing on SM and SBCE reveals a Fatal Error Unknown CA message being sent by SBCE when it receives the Server Identity certificate from SM.

To solve this problem, which two actions need to be completed? (Choose two.)

7. In Avaya Aura® 7 the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) license is installed on a System Manager (SMGR) WebLM server. The EMS points to the WebLM server using a URL.

What is the correct syntax of the URL where is the IP address of the SMGR WebLM server?

8. Which statement about Network Routing Policies in Avaya Aura® Session Manager (SM) is true?

9. Incoming SIP Trunking calls from Service Provider to Session Manager are failing because Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) is not sending a domain name in the TO, FROM and REQUEST headers.

What needs to be changed in SBCE to make this happen?

10. A Network Administrator of a company has been made aware of a problem with the telephone system, and contacts a few colleagues who have dealt with similar problems in the past.

Which Discipline in 8D Methodology describes the action of the Network Administrator?



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