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ACDS Certification with Certspots Avaya 31861X Exam Dumps

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1. You are adding a remote location to a Communication Manager(CM) 6.2 customer with a duplex system, and G650 media gateways at the core. You want to use H.248 gateway(s). The location will have 30 IP sets, 30 analog sets, and 40 DCP sets. You know that the base G430 gateway includes 32 Touch Tone Receivers (TTRs), and the G450 gateway includes 64 TTRs.

To support all of the sets going off-hook at the same time, how many TTRs will be required, and which hardware would be required to provide the TTRs?

2. A customer wants to prevent additional calls from being established, and to preserve the quality active calls when the capacity limit on the WAN link is reached. The branch inter-office communication use rate is one trunk for every 20 users over the customer's star topology WAN. 600k of the WAN bandwidth is dedicated to voice.

Assuming G.729 (30k bandwidth per call) is used, which Call Admission Control (CAC) limit will meet the customer s requirement?

3. A Sales Engineer is designing an Avaya Aura® 8.x solution where 900 video users are being added. There is enough bandwidth for all users to establish video calls at 6 Mbps.

Which video codec will provide the best video quality that the network will support?

4. Your customer is expanding their communications infrastructure. They want to protect their investment In existing equipment. They currently have two Avaya G450 gateways.

What is the maximum number of Digital Signaling Processor (DSP) resources that the two Avaya G450 will support?

5. While working on a proposal that includes Avaya IX messaging you are comparing required features and licensing.

Which Avaya IX Messaging feature requires an additional license?

6. In an Avaya Aura 8.1 deployment, where do Remote SIP Workers ultimately register?

7. For an Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) 7 Duplex Server hardware solution, what are two capabilities/requirements? (Choose two.)

8. The adoption of Avaya Aura(g) Media Server by Communications Manager (AAMS-CM) provides many of the resource capabilities of the H.323 Media Gateways (MG); but it is not always a direct replacement. With Avaya Aura® and Communications Manager (CM) 8.1, both AAMS-CM and MGs are sold as media resource options, since AAMS-CM can support more channels per instance than either H.323 media gateway.

When would AAMS-CM be deployed, instead of a media gateway?

9. A customer has a main location and several remote locations with Avaya Aura® Survivable Remotes.

How many components can an Avaya IX™ IP Phone J169 SIP endpoint register to simultaneously?

10. A customer has 80 remote users, and you expect 25% of the users will be connected at any one time using G.729. Assuming the following requirements:

• a G.729 codec requires 30 kbps

• a G711 codec requires 80 kbps

• 720p HD video codec requires 512 Kbps

How much bandwidth is needed for a public interface WAN link of the centralized SBCE for the deskphones used by remote workers?



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