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CompTIA Data+ Certification DA0-001 Sample Questions

If you are interested in obtaining the CompTIA Data+ Certification, there are several ways you can enhance your preparation for the exam. One effective method is to practice using the latest CompTIA Data+ Certification DA0-001 Sample Questions, which are available from Certspots. By dedicating time to these DA0-001 practice questions, you will not only boost your confidence but also gain a deeper understanding of the topics covered in the exam. This comprehensive preparation will help you perform better and increase your chances of success in the certification test.

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1. Which of the ing is the correct ion for a tab-delimited spre file?

2. Which one of the following values will appear first if they are sorted in descending order?

3. An analyst needs to provide a chart to identify the composition between the categories of the survey response data set:

Which of the following charts would be BEST to use?

4. Which of the following BEST describes standard deviation?

5. An analysts building a monthly report for production and wants to ensure the audience is aware of its once-a-month cadence.

Which of the following is the MOST important to convey that information?

6. A data analyst has been asked to derive a new variable labeled “Promotion_flag” based on the total quantity sold by each salesperson.

Given the table below:

Which of the following functions would the analyst consider appropriate to flag “Yes” for every salesperson who has a number above 1,000,000 in the Quantity_sold column?

7. Which of the following variable name formats would be problematic if used in the majority of data software programs?

8. Given the table below:

Which of the following variable types BEST describes the “Year” column?

9. A data analyst is developing a dashboard to track and monitor metrics.

Which of the following best practices should be taken into during the FIRST pment process?

10. An analyst needs to conduct a quick analysis.

Which of the following is the FIRST step the analyst should perform with the data?



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