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1. The attacking machine is on the same LAN segment as the target host during an internal penetration test.

Which of the following commands will BEST enable the attacker to conduct host delivery and write the discovery to files without returning results of the attack machine?

2. A penetration tester conducted a vulnerability scan against a client’s critical servers and found the following:

Which of the following would be a recommendation for remediation?

3. A penetration tester opened a shell on a laptop at a client's office but is unable to pivot because of restrictive ACLs on the wireless subnet. The tester is also aware that all laptop users have a hard-wired connection available at their desks.

Which of the following is the BEST method available to pivot and gain additional access to the network?

4. A penetration tester logs in as a user in the cloud environment of a company.

Which of the following Pacu modules will enable the tester to determine the level of access of the existing user?

5. A compliance-based penetration test is primarily concerned with:

6. A penetration tester has been given an assignment to attack a series of targets in the range, triggering as few alarms and countermeasures as possible.

Which of the following Nmap scan syntaxes would BEST accomplish this objective?

7. When preparing for an engagement with an enterprise organization, which of the following is one of the MOST important items to develop fully prior to beginning the penetration testing activities?

8. A company uses a cloud provider with shared network bandwidth to host a web application on dedicated servers. The company's contact with the cloud provider prevents any activities that would interfere with the cloud provider's other customers.

When engaging with a penetration-testing company to test the application, which of the following should the company avoid?

9. A penetration tester joins the assessment team in the middle of the assessment. The client has asked the team, both verbally and in the scoping document, not to test the production networks. However, the new tester is not aware of this request and proceeds to perform exploits in the production environment.

Which of the following would have MOST effectively prevented this misunderstanding?

10. A penetration tester wants to find hidden information in documents available on the web at a particular domain.

Which of the following should the penetration tester use?



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