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(Dell) Authentic DEA-5TT2 Dumps – Reduce Your Chances of Failure

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1. You recently joined a company as a junior-level network administrator. You have been tasked with designing the IPv4 scheme for five networks that will be used for training classrooms. These networks need to support no more than 28 devices each. Due to the existing network design, the senior-level network administrator has asked you to work on network

If all networks must be made to logically start with the lowest numbered network and end with the largest numbered network, what is the network ID for the third network?

2. Which Dell EMC Networking M-Series 10 GbE switch model supports a VLT?


The IEEE separates the Data Link and Physical ISO layers into four sub-layers.

Based on the exhibit, what is the correct order of these sub-layers; from lowest to highest?

4. What is the Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) in the MAC address 00:C4:4F:23:AF:4A?

5. Which platforms are supported by the Dell EMC Networking OS (DNOS) 6?

6. Which type of domains are connected by a Layer 2 switch?

7. Which IP address is in the Class B range?

8. How many total addresses for network, broadcast, and host are provided with the subnet mask

9. What accurately describes OSPF?

10. Which topology is considered a best practice when stacking switches?



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