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Fortinet NSE 6 – FortiMail 7.2 NSE6_FML-7.2 Dumps Questions

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1. While reviewing logs, an administrator discovers that an incoming email was processed using policy IDs 0:4:9:INTERNAL.

Which two statements describe what this policy ID means? (Choose two.)

2. A FortiMail is configured with the protected domain

On this FortiMail, which two envelope addresses are considered incoming? (Choose two.)

3. Refer to the exhibits which shows a DLP scan profile configuration (DLP Scan Rule 1 and DLP Scan Rule 2) from a FortiMail device.

Which two message types will trigger this DLP scan rule? (Choose two.)

4. An organization has different groups of users with different needs in email functionality, such as address book access, mobile device access, email retention periods, and disk quotas.

Which FortiMail feature specific to server mode can be used to accomplish this?

5. Refer to the exhibit which shows the Authentication Reputation list on a gateway mode FortiMail device.

Why was the IP address blocked?

6. Which item is a supported one-time secure token for IBE authentication?

7. Which two features are available when you enable HA centralized monitoring on FortiMail? (Choose two.)

8. A FortiMail administrator is investigating a sudden increase in DSNs being delivered to their protected domain. After searching the logs, the administrator identifies that the DSNs were not generated because of any outbound email sent from their organization.

Which FortiMail antispam technique can the administrator use to prevent this scenario?

9. A FortiMail administrator is concerned about cyber criminals attempting to get sensitive information from employees using whaling phishing attacks.

What option can the administrator configure to prevent these types of attacks?

10. Refer to the exhibit which displays a list of IBE users on a FortiMail device.

Which statement describes the pre-registered status of the IBE user [email protected]?



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