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Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 Exam Dumps Opportunity To acquire Highest Result 2023

If you are preparing for the Fortinet NSE 4 – FortiOS 7.2 exam, then you should consider using Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 exam dumps from Certspots. These questions are designed to help you acquire the highest possible result on the exam. Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 exam dumps from Certspots are updated regularly to ensure that they are aligned with the latest exam syllabus and exam pattern. This ensures that you are getting the most relevant and up-to-date information. By using these Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 exam dumps, you can increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt and acquiring the highest possible result.

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1. Which statement regarding the firewall policy authentication timeout is true?

2. Which statement correctly describes the use of reliable logging on FortiGate?

3. On FortiGate, which type of logs record information about traffic directly to and from the FortiGate management IP addresses?

4. Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit displays the output of the CLI command: diagnose sys ha dump-by vcluster.

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

5. View the exhibit.

Which of the following statements are correct? (Choose two.)

6. A FortiGate is operating in NAT mode and configured with two virtual LAN (VLAN) sub interfaces added to the physical interface.

Which statements about the VLAN sub interfaces can have the same VLAN ID, only if they have IP addresses in different subnets.

7. Which statement is correct regarding the use of application control for inspecting web applications?

8. Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows the output of a diagnose command.

What does the output reveal about the policy route?

9. Which statement about video filtering on FortiGate is true?

10. Which two protocol options are available on the CLI but not on the GUI when configuring an SD-WAN Performance SLA? (Choose two.)



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