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Fortinet NSE7_EFW-7.0 Exam Dumps Opportunity To acquire Highest Result 2023

If you are preparing for the Fortinet NSE 7 – Enterprise Firewall 7.0 exam, then you should consider using Fortinet NSE7_EFW-7.0 exam dumps from Certspots. These questions are designed to help you acquire the highest possible result on the exam. Fortinet NSE7_EFW-7.0 exam dumps from Certspots are updated regularly to ensure that they are aligned with the latest exam syllabus and exam pattern. This ensures that you are getting the most relevant and up-to-date information. By using these Fortinet NSE7_EFW-7.0 exam dumps, you can increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt and acquiring the highest possible result.

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1. Examine the following partial output from two system debug commands; then answer the question below.

Which of the following statements are true regarding the above outputs? (Choose two.)

2. Refer to the exhibit, which shows the output of a diagnose command.

What can you conclude from the output shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

3. View the exhibit, which contains a partial web filter profile configuration, and then answer the question below.

Which action will FortiGate take if a user attempts to access, which is categorized as File Sharing and Storage?

4. What events are recorded in the crashlogs of a FortiGate device? (Choose two.)

5. Which statement about NGFW policy-based application filtering is true?

6. Refer to the exhibits, which show the configuration on FortiGate and partial internet session information from a user on the internal network.

An administrator would like to test session failover between the two service provider connections.

What changes must the administrator make to force this existing session to immediately start using the other interface? (Choose two.)

7. Which of the following statements is true regarding a FortiGate configured as an explicit web proxy?

8. Examine the following traffic log; then answer the question below.

date-20xx-02-01 time=19:52:01 devname=master device_id="xxxxxxx"

log_id=0100020007 type=event subtype=system pri critical vd=root service=kemel status=failure msg="NAT port is exhausted."

What does the log mean?

9. Which configuration can be used to reduce the number of BGP sessions in an IBGP network?

10. Which the following events can trigger the election of a new primary unit in a HA cluster? (Choose two.)



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