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GCP Professional Cloud Architect Certification Dumps

The GCP Professional Cloud Architect Certification exam is designed to test the skills and knowledge required to become a Professional Cloud Architect. To prepare for the exam, candidates can use the latest GCP Professional Cloud Architect Certification Dumps from Certspots. These Professional Cloud Architect dumps are designed to help candidates practice for the exam and improve their chances of passing on the first try. By practicing with these Professional Cloud Architect dumps, candidates can gain a better understanding of the exam format and types of questions that may be asked.


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1. For this question, refer to the Helicopter Racing League (HRL) case study. Your team is in charge of creating a payment card data vault for card numbers used to bill tens of thousands of viewers, merchandise consumers, and season ticket holders.

You need to implement a custom card tokenization service that meets the following requirements:

• It must provide low latency at minimal cost.

• It must be able to identify duplicate credit cards and must not store plaintext card numbers.

• It should support annual key rotation.

Which storage approach should you adopt for your tokenization service?

2. Your development teams release new versions of games running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) daily.

You want to create service level indicators (SLIs) to evaluate the quality of the new versions from the user’s perspective .

What should you do?

3. You have an application that makes HTTP requests to Cloud Storage. Occasionally the requests fail with HTTP status codes of 5xx and 429.

How should you handle these types of errors?

4. For this question, refer to the Mountkirk Games case study. Mountkirk Games wants to design their solution for the future in order to take advantage of cloud and technology improvements as they become available .

Which two steps should they take? (Choose two.)

5. For this question, refer to the Mountkirk Games case study .

Which managed storage option meets Mountkirk’s technical requirement for storing game activity in a time series database service?

6. An application development team believes their current logging tool will not meet their needs for their new cloud-based product. They want a bettor tool to capture errors and help them analyze their historical log data. You want to help them find a solution that meets their needs, what should you do?

7. As part of implementing their disaster recovery plan, your company is trying to replicate their production MySQL database from their private data center to their GCP project using a Google Cloud VPN connection.

They are experiencing latency issues and a small amount of packet loss that is disrupting the replication .

What should they do?

8. You are developing a globally scaled frontend for a legacy streaming backend data API. This API expects events in strict chronological order with no repeat data for proper processing.

Which products should you deploy to ensure guaranteed-once FIFO (first-in, first-out) delivery of data?

9. For this question, refer to the Mountkirk Games case study. Mountkirk Games wants you to design a way to test the analytics platform’s resilience to changes in mobile network latency .

What should you do?

10. For this question, refer to the JencoMart case study.

JencoMart has decided to migrate user profile storage to Google Cloud Datastore and the application servers to Google Compute Engine (GCE). During the migration, the existing infrastructure will need access to Datastore to upload the data .

What service account key-management strategy should you recommend?



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